Kodiak is a C++ library that implements a generic branch and bound algorithm for rigorous numerical approximations. Particular instances of the branch and bound algorithm allow the user to refine and isolate solutions to systems of nonlinear equations and inequalities, global optimization problems, and bifurcation sets for systems of ODEs. Kodiak utilizes interval arithmetic (via the filib++ library) and Bernstein enclosure (for polynomials and rational functions) as self-validating enclosure methods. Symbolic operations support procedures such as automatic partial differentiation.

Issue: https://github.com/nasa/Kodiak/issues/5


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1849 import pickle 1850 1851 in_f = open(filename,”rb”) 1852 1853 tabversion = pickle.load(in_f) 1854 if tabversion != tabversion: … 1855 raise VersionError(“yacc table file version is out of date”) 1856 self.lr_method = pickle.load(in_f) 1857 signature = pickle.load(in_f) 1858 self.lr_action = pickle.load(in_f) `